About TeaCup Lab

Stefano Serafinelli. TeaCup Lab CEO, UX Consultant, Google Expert.

Stefano Serafinelli

Director, UX research manager

TeaCup Lab is led by Stefano Serafinelli, a User Experience consultant specialized in user Research and strategy.

Stefano has been leading the UX team in Xperience Consulting and UserZoom in Madrid for more than 6 years, designing and performing 200+ user research projects on all devices and with thousands of users for brands like eBay, Paypal, Banco Santander or Zara.

As a Google Developer UX/UI Expert and mentor for startups he helped them shaping and implementing their User Experience and Product Strategy.

Stefano is a Certified Google Sprint Master and that means he can guide your startup/company through a Design Sprint following the methodology developed by Google and applied by many successful startups such as Uber, Nest or Slack.