User Research with impact

We are a UX research consultancy firm working with global brands.
We contribute to improve the experience of products and services used by hundreds of millions of people every day.

In-person and Remote User Testing

By observing real users as they interact with a product we can identify those usability problems that make navigation difficult, understand the causes of those problems and propose solutions.

We perform user tests remotely or in our own facilities perfectly equipped to carry out testing on any device, with or without eye tracking and in any language (with simultaneous translation and streaming).


In-person & remote
User Research

Get to know your customers in depth.
We'll design a tailor-made research plan so that you can obtain useful, reliable and actionable data to improve your products.

Product Design & Innovation

We use flexible methodologies such as Google's Design Sprint to help you innovate and implement an effective UX strategy for your products and services.

User Testing & UX Evaluation

At TeaCup Lab we identify and solve the usability problems of your web or app. We help you improve your customers' browsing experience and improve your conversion.

Our work

Our team of UX researchers has been involved in over 200 research projects for brands from around the world. We share some of our work and industry studies.

Do you have a project that you’re interested in discussing with us?

Get in touch here. We’d love to talk.

From our blog

Our collection of articles, UX tips and updates so you’re always up to date.

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