About TeaCup Lab

We're curious by nature.

At TeaCup Lab, we seek to understand the “why” of everything and always get to the bottom of every experience. Human behavior, the decisions we make, what we feel towards a certain brand… everything has a why. And we know how to find it.

Our Madrid-based studio specializes in UX Research and innovation methodologies that put the consumer at the heart of the design process. Using the best research and design techniques, we are able to extract actionable insights that our clients can apply to their businesses quickly and effectively.

Our mission is to help companies understand their users and design their products and services by putting consumers at the center. At TeaCup Lab, we work so that companies can base their strategic and design decisions on the needs and objectives of their customers. This way, the overall experience of users will be positive and will bring greater profit to the company.

Since the studio was founded in 2016, we have worked for a large number of companies, such as Google, KLM, Vueling, SEAT, Volkswagen, BBVA, ING, Bosch, Mapfre and Barceló, among others. Our UX Researchers have a proven track record in the User Experience industry.

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How we work

Our work process is focused on helping our clients make informed decisions, through reliable and actionable data. We concern ourselves with the needs of their businesses and do not loose sight of the end user.

Our team of researchers is in charge of understanding the needs of each company, drawing up a work plan by selecting the most appropriate methodologies and adjusting to the available resources and deadlines.

In each project, we handle large volumes of information obtained from research with users. We extract the most relevant insights and prepare a complete report with findings, points for improvement and recommendations.

We work for

State-of-the-art facilities

In our offices in Madrid we have a laboratory prepared for all types of research projects with users and innovation workshops.

  • Setup adapted to each project
  • Observation Room
  • HD Streaming and Recordings
  • Simultaneous Translation

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