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May 28, 2018

We are very excited to announce that, during the first week of July, we will join Ecoembes and UXER School in Logroño for a very special Design Sprint dedicated to circular economy.

After our last Design Sprint in Iceland, where we introduced Google's methodology to local designers and entrepreneurs, we will travel soon to La Rioja, Spain, for a 5-days workshop with participants selected from all over Spain by the organizers of the initiative: UXER School and Ecoembes.

Our CEO, Stefano Serafinelli, Google Expert in UX / UI and Design Sprint Master certified by Google, will guide the teams through a new Design Sprint in which we will apply the principles of circular design during the whole process.

During 5 days, we will use Google's methodology to generate innovative ideas under one main goal: improving the recycling process of plastic packagings.

The workshop participants will get a full scholarship by Ecoembes. Complete information about the event, as well as the registration form for the selection process, is available at the UXER school website. The workshop will have at the brand new Ecoembes Circular Lab. TeaCup will be present during the first of the two Design Sprints: from July 2 to 6.


The circular economy is born as an evolution of the linear economy, traditionally based on the production, consumption and final disposal of the product.

In a circular economy context, products are designed thinking on their entire life cycle and how their materials can be reused when they are no longer needed.

To help designers to create sustainable products that do not generate more waste, IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have published the Circular Design Guide, which contains a series of techniques that can be put into practice during the design process and that will also help us in our Circular Design Sprint .


Design Sprint is a methodology created to solve business challenges through rapid prototyping techniques and user testing. The Design Sprint methodology has been developed by Google Venture and successfully applied on hundreds of GV startup such as Uber, Pocket, Slack or Nest.

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