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Employee Experience and Assertive Collaboration Programs to Boost Motivation

Veronica Traynor
November 28, 2023

For several years now, in the field of Employee Experience Design, the Emotional Paycheck Institute of Canada has been promoting the concept of "Emotional Salary," distinguishing it in 9 dimensions:

  1. Economic Salary
  2. Relationship with the immediate supervisor
  3. Teams and tools
  4. Company lifecycle
  5. Future expectations
  6. Work-life balance
  7. Challenges and learning opportunities
  8. Organizational culture
  9. Personal growth

The institute encourages companies to understand the status of each of these points and, based on listening to each team, propose well-being initiatives that make an impact.

"Mental health is not a detail; it is a fundamental pillar for the success of your company," mentions Director Jaime Leal on LinkedIn.


For this reason, we have created Assertive Collaboration Programs.

These programs are based on listening to the needs and motivations of each team member, co-creating well-being initiatives through Design Thinking sessions, and supporting teams in implementing these initiatives through coaching techniques.


What will be the value for companies?

  • A better experience at every step of the Employee Journey
  • Increased cohesion and coordination of team actions
  • Higher productivity
  • Genuine talent retention
  • Likely, higher quality resulting in greater satisfaction for end customers

Let's understand the needs of individuals to design work experiences that are human, positive, and valuable.


Verónica Traynor
Employee Experience and Emotional Salary Consultant

I help improve workplace well-being for better results | Assertive Collaboration Programs (Team Coaching) | Conscious Leadership Training | Employee Experience

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