How to design and run a Remote User Testing. IKEA website demo.

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On May 9th, I ran a workshop on Remote Unmoderated User Testing together with Toni Perez at Google’s Campus in Madrid
The workshop was part of the 3rd edition of the Experience Fighters conference, one of the main UX events in Spain.

Unmoderated remote testing is a relatively new technique in UX research.
Even though it is widely known and used in the US and UK, very few professionals in Spain had the chance to put it into practice. Actually, most of them come from UserZoom, global leader in Online User Experience Research and the company I have been working for as UX Lead for almost 7 years.

For this reason, the workshop was especially addressed to the user researchers Spanish community and aimed to allow them to make contact with remote testing and understand its basic principles.
Prior to the day of the event attendees had been asked to participate in a demo study built with UserZoom and this same demo study was used during the workshop to explain how to plan, execute and analyze the results of a remote user test.

Several participants asked me to share the presentation after the event, so… here it is.

A few remarks regarding the presentation:

  • It is written in Spanish language only. I’m planning to provide a English translated version soon.
  • Why choosing IKEA for the demo study? Because it is a well-known brand and attendees were likely to be potential users of their webpage. IKEA has not been involved in the planning and execution of the study.
  • Even though we followed the methodology strictly, the study has been build for demonstration purposes only. All the assumptions the study has been build on were just plausible but unconfirmed hypothesis and the results does not necessarily represent the real state of the UX of the IKEA website.
  • It has not been possible to include the videos played during the workshop into this presentation.
  • Feel free to send your comments and questions about the presentation and/or the methodology using the comments form below.

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