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TeaCup Lab 2022: Year in Review

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December 15, 2022
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As every year it is our turn to review what the past 12 months have meant for TeaCup Lab.

This 2022 has been particularly generous for us.
After a record 2021, we continue to grow even more: we have added new clients, new colleagues and new projects to be proud of.

The projects

During 2022 we conducted 66 UX research studies for 24 different clients and involved almost 1300 participants from Spain, Germany, UK, US, Italy and Mexico.

An intense year without a doubt, in which we have had fun working in very different sectors and topics and with all kinds of techniques: usability tests, interviews, surveys, value proposition validation, card sorting, tree testings, focus groups and user diaries (many).

Of course we can't list all the projects, but we would like to talk about a few, which we found particularly interesting and also tell very well what we know how to do in TeaCup Lab.

Transportation in Berlin​

How do Berliners use public transport in their city? We researched this with 40 citizens in two phases: a 10-day diary in which they sent us information about all the journeys they made and a series of individual interviews to deepen the findings of the diary.

Spain and Mexico cryptocurrency study​

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most recurrent topics among the research requests we receive. In this study, conducted for a renowned financial institution, we have investigated the user's attitudes toward the possible payment of goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

Intravenous catheter testing​

In TeaCup Lab we have a lot of experience with the health sector and, in particular, in testing medical devices according to the IEC 62366 standard, which regulates the usability testing of medical devices, mandatory by law. In this project with doctors and nurses we have tested a series of intravenous catheters, replicating in our laboratory the normal conditions of use of the product.

Testing an English language learning tool with children​

Nothing better than testing video games to break the routine! Our client wanted to test a new interactive tool for learning English, so we involved a dozen young users in remote tests that were very different from the usual ones.

The team

We keep adding new colleagues to the TeaCup Lab team and maintaining our international vocation.
We are already 8 professionals from 5 different countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland and Iran) and this allows us to have a very broad and diverse view to understand everything around us and reach different markets with our own team. For everything else, we rely on our extensive network of global partners.

TeaCup Lab in 2023

For 2023 we have a very clear and very simple plan: to continue focusing on what we do well and to do so in projects that are increasingly interesting for our clients.
We are fortunate to work with international brands whose products have a huge impact on people's lives and who value the insights we bring to them.
We already have a few projects lined up for 2023 but we also have room to help more companies better understand their users and create great products.

If you think we can do this for your project, or just want to get to know us a little better, don't hesitate to contact us.

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