TeaCup Lab flies to Iceland to introduce Google Design Sprint to local startups


Next week we will bring Design Sprint to Reykjavík with a two-days event organized together with Google, Icelandic Startups and Taktikal

During the last few years we have been showcasing Google’s 5 days process to solve critical business problems in Milan, Madrid and several other Spanish locations.

This time, TeaCup Lab lands in Iceland, where our CEO Stefano Serafinelli will present and teach Google Design Sprint to the local startups ecosystem.

Design Sprint Meetup in Reykjavik, Tuesday May 22nd, 18:00, with TeaCup Lab

The event will start on May 29th with a brief meetup hosted by Startup Reykjavik, the accelerator program of Arion Bank and Icelandic Startups. During the presentation we will talk about Design Sprint and how it can help local entrepreneurs to deliver, better, user-centered products and services.

On the same day, Stefano will also provide mentorship to several local startups in everything related to User Experience.

During Wednesday, three local startups will have the chance to lean how to run a Design Sprint by the hands of a certified Sprint Master during a full-day workshop facilitated by Stefano together with local UX expert Valur Thor Gunnarsson, CEO of Taktikal.

We are going to write a summary of the event, so stay tuned for more information regarding our Icelandic Design Sprint.

if you want to know more regarding the Google Design Sprint methodology, you can check our Design Sprint section or any of our other blog articles about it.

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