TeaCup Lab helps KLM to innovate with Google Design Sprints


Contrary to what many can think, Design Sprints are not only for Startups.
We at TeaCup Lab are using Google’s methodology with the projects of KML, the Dutch national airline company.

Design Sprint, a process conceived to solve business and product challenges in 5 days only, was born in Google Ventures, a tailor-made environment for startups.

Undoubtedly, emerging companies are those that can benefit the most from Design Sprints.
Thanks to their small-scale structure, their agile mindset and – in many cases – the absence of an established working process, startups usually have little or no difficulties in introducing Design Sprints in their daily work.

Yet, also big corporations can take advantage of Google’s methodology to improve their products.

KLM is one of them. They called us to help them generating new ideas for their internal processes using Google’s Design Sprint.
Our first challenge has been takled during a 4-days Sprint in KLM headquarter in the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. It consisted in generating a new solution to improve the experience of KLM employees.

Design Sprint at KLM by TeaCup Lab
During a Design Sprint you generate many ideas to solve your challenge.

Size does not matter. KLM is a clear example of how big corporations can successfully adopt Design Sprints in their internal processes with little effort.

You only need:

  • an open mindset and willingness to experiment with new methods.
  • a team willing to work hard to solve problems together.
  • the intention to focus on the experience of your users.
  • Many post-its….

In TeaCup Lab we have the expertise needed to help companies of any size to adopt Design Sprints and make the most of them.
Ask us about it.

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