Business continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak​

The COVID-19 emergency has become a challenge for everyone, which is why we would like to share some words with you about how we are overcoming this situation: first, TeaCup Lab team is ok and we are all working from home since the beginning of the emergency.

In spite of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are delivering user research projects worldwide with complete normality, adapting them to the current situation.

We have extensive experience in remote user research and also count with the appropriate tools to do so.
Therefore, all our projects are now be carried out in this remote mode.
Also, we have not detected any difficulties to recruit participants which helps us ensure we are able to meet our deadlines as usual.

We keep, more than ever, helping our customers better understand the world and reduce uncertainty in critical business decisions.

Do you have a project that you’re interested in discussing with us?

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