Expert Usability Reviews

A detailed UX audit with actionable insights and recommendations by a Google Developers UX Expert.

Get a comprehensive user experience review of your product by an expert usability researcher.

We inspect your website or app for usability issues and improvement opportunities and deliver detailed and actionable insights and recommendations.

Our UX audits are based on usability best practices and on thousands of hours spent in testing and observing real users.

Expert usability reviews are a good substitute for user testing when you need to get results faster and you have a limited budget. A typical expert review can be delivered in less than 2 weeks.


Competitive analysis & benchmark

We compare your interface with your competitors in order to find strengths and weaknesses of your design and get suggestions for new features and future actions.


Multi-Device and multi-platform analysis

We analyse your design across all platforms in order to cover all aspects of the interaction of your users with your interface.



You will get a 40-80 pages report containing:

  • a detailed description of the strengths and weakness of your design. We predict those aspects that can constitute a problem for your users thanks to our experience testing with them.
  • Ideas for new features and recommendations, prioritized according to the impact they have on your users’ experience
  • suggestions for further actions and research activities that help you shape a user-centered product strategy.

Our report contains only actionable research-backed insights and are -of course- usable.

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