Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art lab is equipped to support any type of user research activity, from large scale remote international projects to medical devices testing.

Main features

Flexible setup

Our laboratory is adapted to the needs and characteristics of your project, regardless of which UX research methodology we are going to use.

Observation room

You can observe user sessions live from our large observation room, where you can follow the study through a unidirectional mirror and computer monitors for more detail.

HD recording & streaming

We record all sessions in HD and can broadcast them live via streaming if necessary. In addition, you can choose the screens or shots you are most interested in for us to record.

Simultaneous translation

We have a simultaneous translation service in the event that you need to listen to the study in a language other than Spanish.

For any device

We can conduct studies on any device and screen: pc, tablet, mobile phone, etc.

Tobii eye tracking

The eye tracking system allows us to more accurately understand the behavior of your users. During the sessions and in the recording, you will be able to see where participants are primarily focusing their gazes.

The lab

Our Lab has the necessary equipment to conduct any research and design project. From interviews, usability tests and focus groups, to remote interviews. 

It’s equipped with table and ceiling cameras to capture all the details of the studio.

In addition, thanks to its spaciousness, we can conduct participatory workshops using UX to design products and services.

The observation room

Our observation room can accommodate up to 8 people.

The unidirectional mirror will allow you to follow what’s happening in the laboratory, although you’ll also be able to follow the detail of what the participants see on screens installed in the room.

In addition, in the event a translator is hired you can listen to both languages individually with headphones from the observation room. Thus, each member of your team can listen to the language he or she prefers.

Observation room of TeaCup Lab's Lab

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