How we work

At TeaCup Lab, each project is a challenge and an opportunity to further investigate the “why” of human behavior.  We’re aware of the impact of our work and the importance it has for the business of our clients and the well-being of their users. 

Therefore, our work process is focused on helping our clients to make informed decisions, through reliable and actionable data, concerning ourselves with the needs of the business and without losing sight of the end user.

We provide meaningful insights.

We help our customers make sense of them and generate the right action

We ensure that every action is backed up by data

1. Understand through research

Research helps us to discover possible problems and needs of our users. It makes us understand what the strengths and weaknesses are of our business and where there are opportunities for improvement. 

We can extract all of this from the information offered by our users. The important thing is to know what information we need and how to obtain it. 

That’s why each project is treated in a personalized and meticulous way at TeaCup Lab. Our team of experts analyses the needs of each company and designs a research plan with the best-suited techniques for each project. 

2. Define & Innovate

With the evidence we have obtained from research, we help our clients interpret the data, prioritize it and transform it into specific actions. 

In order to do so, we use conception and Design Thinking techniques, of which we are specialists.

It’s also important for companies to easily apply the insights obtained from the study, so we make sure that all the data we obtain from research become relevant and actionable findings.

3. Evaluate & Iterate

Perfect designs don’t exist. Throughout our working career we have continued to encounter problems of varying severity in all the interfaces we have tested with users. Detecting problems in the early stages of design is key to saving redesign costs in later stages. 

At TeaCup Lab, we spend a large part of our day testing usability and validating all types of products, and we consider this to be an essential phase in any design process. For this reason, the UX Researchers team is in charge of analysing each case and designing the most suitable procedure. 

After the test, our client receives a detailed report with the improvement points, categorized by severity level. In this way, companies can modify their designs or iterate the vision of the project easily and without major costs.

Our work

Our team of UX researchers has been involved in over 200 research projects for brands from around the world. We share some of our work and industry studies.

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