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Our UX research Lab

Our state-of-the-art lab in Madrid is equipped to support any type of user research activity, from large-scale remote international projects to in-person medical device testing.

The Lab

  • Expansive 30m² room designed to comfortably accommodate up to 8 participants
  • Fully customizable room to host one-on-one interviews, focus groups, workshops, and testing of any device.
  • High-definition audio-video recordings
  • A separate, soundproof room for interpreters
  • Wifi internet connection and live streaming in different languages

The observers' room

  • Spacious Observation Room (16m²), accommodating up to 6 observers.
  • One-Way viewing mirror, for discreet and non-intrusive observation.
  • Equipped with two large screens for enhanced viewing and analysis.
  • Flexibility to listen to either the original audio, translated audio, or both, as needed.

The technology

Our lab is equipped with the latest technology to support any testing requirement.
Mobile, Desktop and more
Our lab is equipped to perform usability testing on Mobile and Desktop websites and apps, but also on physical products and medical devices.
Multi-language streaming
High-definition streaming on a private channel is available in the original testing language and simultaneous translation for observers.
Remote sessions
Our remote setup allows us to run studies with participants based anywhere and still provide multi language streaming to the observers.
Multi-Camera recording
Our flexible video setup allows us to record multiple video sources and testing devices on a single video file.
Eye tracking
We apply basic eye-tracking data to each desktop study by default and at no additional cost.
Ready for medical device testing
Both team and lab are prepared to run medical device testing while ensuring strict safety and sanitary protocols are followed.
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TeaCup Lab is a user experience consultancy agency founded in Madrid in 2016. We specialize in User Research & User testing for global brands.
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