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From the smallest detail to the greatest impact.
Merging global UX expertise with the tailored touch your unique project deserves

What makes us different

100% committed to high-quality user research

Our team of expert researchers understands the profound impact our work has on our clients' businesses and the lives of individuals. With demanding clients such as Google and Facebook, we focus intently on delivering reliable research and insights, aiming to enhance everyone's experience.

100% personalized research

We foster a deep relationship with our clients, from the initial contact to the delivery of results and beyond. Our structure is geared towards managing intricate research projects while ensuring personalized and adaptable service to our clients.

100% control with zero effort

TeaCup Lab manages everything for you, from designing the study to recruiting participants, conducting fieldwork, and analysis. Nevertheless, you and your team retain full oversight throughout every stage of the research process.

What does a typical project with TeaCup Lab look like?

Research questions
We craft a personalized research plan based on our client's specific research questions.
Study design
We create a comprehensive study guide, outlining all research activities and participant questions.
Participants recruitment
Working closely with the client, we define the ideal participant profile and develop a detailed questionnaire to ensure only the most fitting individuals are chosen.
Our team carries out the study. For user tests or interviews, clients have the option to observe sessions either in-person at our Madrid lab or via live streaming.
Analysis & reporting
Our experts meticulously analyze the data to address all the client's research questions, delivering actionable insights.
Results & follow up
We provide the client with a detailed report containing the results and session videos. We remain engaged, ensuring the client fully understands the insights uncovered and can make informed decisions based on them.

In-person and remote research

We can readily adapt to the requirements of your project, offering both remote testing and in-person evaluations in our state-of-the-art testing facilities.

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Global research

Thanks to our multicultural team, an extensive network of partners, and years of experience conducting research for Fortune 500 companies, we have the capability to execute and manage complex studies on a global scale.

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Need examples?

Over the past 5 years, we've completed more than 200 research projects for companies big and small across the globe.

Take a look at some of our top projects to get a feel for our work.

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TeaCup Lab is a user experience consultancy agency founded in Madrid in 2016. We specialize in User Research & User testing for global brands.
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