Analyzing the job market in Spain for BOLD

How we helped BOLD to understand the Spanish employment market through remote in-depth interviews and deep desk research.



May 2020

Desk Research & Remote In-depth Interviews





The Goal

Bold provides products, tools, guidance and support to job seekers and recruiters to help them succeed at every step of their job/candidate search journey. They are based in the USA and operate internationally.

Their goal with this study was to understand the job market in Spain, with a special focus on motivations for job search, habits, behaviours and career development. Especially for profiles prone to use their current services.


At TeaCup Lab, we performed a series of in-depth interviews with two types of user profiles: people actively looking for a job and human resources professionals. We aimed to understand both perspectives and detect possible pains and gains of the job/employee search processes.

To backup the data we obtained from the interviews, we also conducted a simultaneous Desk Research about the job market that covered legislation, demography and the biggest challenges that candidates encounter when looking for a job or a fitting candidate for human resources professionals.

The study covered five main topics:

  • The situation of employment in Spain: we analyzed the most common types of jobs, salaries, education standards, career development, unemployment rate…
  • The employment market: we evaluated the types and length of contracts, industry swaps, job swaps, competitiveness levels, turnover rates…
  • The experience of unemployment: we wanted to understand types of aids, how unemployment is perceived and what is the impact in people’s lives.
    Searching for a job: we analyzed the most usual channels, search patterns, good practices, processes to find employment, documentation…
  • Resources for finding a job: we understood how resumes and documentation are created, what tools and platforms are used and what type of information and help is asked for.
Most used employment platforms in Spain | TeaCup Lab
Most used employment platforms in Spain | TeaCup Lab
Slide explaining the main reasons to switch jobs in Spain
Reasons to switch jobs in Spain |TeaCup Lab

We chose to perform interviews with the users on remote mode, mainly due to COVID-19 sanitary crisis. Despite the situation, the goals and deadlines of the project were met. Meanwhile, we completed the information with State official data to deeply understand the employment market reality.

Moreover, the sanitary emergency in Spain has dramatically affected all areas of life and specifically caused employment loss and a reduction of job opportunities. However, our researchers the understood the particularities of this momentum and focused mostly on the data, behaviour and perceptions prior to the crisis and possible future trends in employment.


After finishing the In-depth Interviews and the Desk Research, we collected the most relevant insights in relation to the following topics:

  • Unemployment
  • Job search
  • Career development and staff retention
  • Documentation
  • Job search platforms
Screenshot of Miro board for the BOLD research prject
Miro board with the most important insights divided in categories | TeaCup Lab

As a result, we obtained a full perspective of the job market in Spain, highlighting the specificities of the job search compared to other countries.

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