Circular Economy and Design Sprint join forces to improve our planet

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We helped Ecoembes and UXER School to generate innovative and sustainable products and services in the field of circular design.







In 2018, we joined Ecoembes and UXER School to face the challenge of designing more sustainable packaging and encouraging recycling.

Using Google Design Sprint methodology, a perfect convergence between sustainability and user experience design was achieved, reaching viable prototypes and tested with real users.

For 5 days, the participants went through each of the phases of a Design Sprint: understanding – devising – deciding – prototyping – testing.

Thanks to our methodology and the open innovation system of the Circular Lab (Ecoembes), new ideas were generated efficiently and effectively.

If you want to see more about what we did during our Circular Design Sprint, here is a brief Video from UXER School (In Spanish)

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