Design Sprint for Google and 11 Italian startups

TeaCup Lab shared its knowledge about Design Sprint with the startups of the BHeroes program in Milan in collaboration with Google.




February 21st 2018



BHeroes + Google



Google Design Sprint’s methodology helps startups overcome their business challenges and quickly develop validated solutions with real users. In only 4 to 5 days. 

That’s why we went to the BHeroes entrepreneurship program in Milan with Google. There, we found 11 projects of great value that had been selected for the acceleration program.

The teams were able to carry out a Design Sprint, moderated by TeaCup Lab, applying it to their projects. All the projects evolved through the 5 steps of this product design methodology: understanding – devising – deciding – prototyping – testing.

The result was a long day of innovation, creativity, talent and a lot of work. 

In the following video, the teams that took part to the workshop talk about their experience with our Design Sprint (In Italian)

BHeroes is also a TV show by the Italian network NOVE. Some parts of our Design Sprint have been broadcasted during the third episode of the 2018 season 

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