Case study

International UX Audit for SEAT

A global UX Audit, aimed towards improving the user experience of SEAT’s websites for Spain, UK and Germany.




Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

True Intent
Expert review
User testing




Spain, UK and Germany

Project goals

Before a major revamp of their website, SEAT aimed to pinpoint the enhancements that would have the greatest impact on the web experience for users in Spain, UK, and Germany on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, they requested us to craft and carry out the most suitable plan to assess user experience and develop a focused improvement strategy.

International Reach

We crafted a customized research plan for the three countries, incorporating specific elements to cater to each market’s peculiarities.

Our extensive global research expertise allowed us to swiftly devise the research tasks and, with the help of our international team, we were able to carry out most of the tasks in-house.

For instances requiring field expertise, we utilized our partners’ extensive network, enabling us to conduct user research activities in over 30 countries.

Top-down approach and combination of techniques

The scope of the study and the requirement to present our insights in a concise set of prioritized recommendations led us to create a customized research plan that utilized a combination of techniques.

Our approach began by gaining a broad understanding of the issue using various quantitative methods. We combined analysis of data from the three websites with a True Intent survey administered to over 1200 users during an actual visit. This enabled us to identify the primary reasons for website visits and understand which scenarios and areas caused the most frustration for visitors.

Next, we utilized the results from the first phase to further investigate the most crucial aspects of the experience through various techniques. Finally, we conducted an expert review and user testing in the three sites to gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of the problems and develop effective solutions.



At Teacup Lab, we hold the belief that comprehensive research is vital and that well-executed research yields actionable insights and clear solutions to even the most complex challenges.

By adopting a top-down research approach (global to specific) and utilizing the appropriate technique for each stage, we were able to deliver to SEAT a prioritized list of strategic actions to take on their website, informed not only by our expertise but by actual data.

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Do you have a project that you’re interested in discussing with us? Get in touch here. We’d love to talk

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