Case study

International UX Audit for SEAT

A global UX Audit, aimed towards improving the user experience of SEAT’s websites for Spain, UK and Germany.




Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

True Intent
Expert review
User testing




Spain, UK and Germany

Project goals

Prior to a big redesign of their website, SEAT was interested in identifying the improvements with the highest impact on the experience of the users of the web for Spain, UK and Germany both for PC and mobile devices. That’s why they asked us to design and execute the most adequate plan for evaluating the user experience and also to elaborate a specific improvement strategy.

International Reach

We designed a unique research plan for the three countries, adapting specific aspects to the particularities of each market.

Our extensive experience in global reach studies allowed us to plan the research tasks quickly and, thanks to our international team, we could perform most of the research tasks directly.

When we needed to have an expert on the field, we relied on our partners’ network, which allows us to perform user research activities in more than 30 countries.

Top-down approach and combination of techniques

The reach of the subject of study and the need to summarize our findings in a few recommendations prioritized by importance, brought us to design an ad hoc research plan that combined different techniques.

We decided to first obtain a global vision of the problem through different quantitative techniques. Firstly, we combined the data analysis of the three websites with a True Intent survey sent to more than 1200 users during a real visit.
This allowed us to identify the main reasons for the website visits besides helping us to understand which use scenarios and areas caused more frustration to the visitors.


Afterward, we used the findings of this first phase as guidance to deepen our analysis of the most important aspects of the experience through different techniques. Lastly, we conducted an expert review and user tests in the three sites to explore deeper the motivations of the problems and to understand better how to solve them.


In Teacup Lab we believe that thorough research is important and that good research provides actionable findings and clear answers to the most complicated challenges.

Through a top-down research approach (from global to specific) and the usage of the appropriate technique for each phase, we were able to provide SEAT with a prioritized list of strategic actions to take on their web based not only on our experience but in real data.

Do you have a project that you’re interested in discussing with us?

Get in touch here. We’d love to talk


Do you have a project that you’re interested in discussing with us? Get in touch here. We’d love to talk

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