Mobile Labs

We are collaborating with Google and experience design consultancy cxpartners, helping companies increase their mobile conversion with a 1-day user centered workshop

A Mobile Lab is a results-driven workshop that tackles a critical business challenge by setting measurable goals and obtaining direct feedback from customers.

It combines user testing and design thinking into a one-day session, producing an action plan with prioritized recommendations aimed at enhancing products and boosting conversion rates.

Why run a Mobile Lab

Simply, it works

Customers involved in 100+ Mobile Labs worldwide saw an average increase of their conversion rate of 20%*


Mobile Labs disclose what analytics data cannot tell you about your customers' needs, motivations and barriers.

Cost effective

Gather actionable insights by testing a small set of users in just one day.
In-person or remotely.

Team effort

Mobile Labs leverage your company skills by making different roles work together on the same challenge

* More information on this and how Mobile Labs can boost your business can be found in the Conversion 2021 conference video

The Mobile Lab process

  1. Your team sets the challenge of the Mobile Lab
  2. Our researchers design and run 5 tests with potential users or your product.
  3. We watch the sessions together and take notes.
  4. We conduct a workshop to prioritize the insights of the research
  5. We generate ideas on how to solve the problems encountered.
  6. Our team creates a detailed action plan for boosting your conversion

Before COVID, the user tests were run in real time during the mobile lab so that the client team could watch the sessions from an observer room while they were being done by a UX researcher. Now that we have resorted to the remote format, everything is done using online platforms. Research is conducted in advance and recorded, and the day of the Mobile Lab, the pre-recorded sessions are viewed by the clients team at the same time.

At Teacup Lab, we are thrilled to be a part of this unique experience. Ultimately, it serves as a demonstration of the value of UX research, promotes the adoption of user testing practices among potential clients, and raises awareness of the importance of a research-focused culture.


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