Redefining Employee Experience at KLM with Design Sprint

TeaCup Lab helps the Dutch airline generate new ideas to improve its internal processes using Google's Design Sprint methodology.




April 2017




The Netherlands


The aim of the Dutch airline, KLM, was to improve some of its internal processes in order to optimize and facilitate the work of its employees. They needed to generate new ideas and solutions to improve current tools and/or processes for measuring employee satisfaction. 

Therefore, it was important that the creative innovation process come out of a multidisciplinary group of employees who work daily with current tools and who could represent the different needs of each professional profile, from the onboard crew to developers and office employees.


Faced with this challenge, TeaCup Lab designed a Design Sprint completely adapted to the needs of KLM.

The methodology, designed by Google Ventures, aims to solve design problems in a process that takes only 5 days. The Google Design Sprint methodology was created mainly with startups in mind. These types of companies usually have a small and flexible structure, work with adaptable methodologies and do not have very closed work processes, therefore it’s easy to perform a Design Sprint and implement its results.

However, any company can benefit from this open innovation process, regardless of its size or structure. This is the case with KLM.

The team, made up of 6 employees from 5 different departments, worked hard to complete the stages of this methodology in the time available, which in this case was only 4 days.

The working group set up in the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport offices and progressed through each of the phases of a Design Sprint, moderated by our Google Sprint Master, Stefano Serafinelli.


Using tools such as How Might We, Art Museum and many Post-It Notes, all team members were able to participate in the process, contribute their vision of the problem and come up with solutions, regardless of their profile.

As a result, in just 4 days the KLM team was able to devise, design and test not only a new tool to collect feedback from employees, but also the entire process of managing and using the information obtained to transform it into actions for improving the satisfaction of all employees of the company.

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