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Driving web excellence. Our International UX audit for SEAT

A global UX Audit, aimed towards improving the user experience of SEAT’s websites for Spain, UK and Germany

The goal

Prior to a significant website overhaul, SEAT set out to identify the most impactful enhancements to improve the web experience for users in Spain, the UK, and Germany, across both PC and mobile platforms.

That's when they turned to us, seeking our expertise in creating and executing a tailored plan to evaluate the user experience and devise a laser-focused improvement strategy. Together, we drove the journey to an enhanced web experience for SEAT's diverse audience.

International Reach

We designed a tailor-made research strategy for these three countries, considering unique characteristics in each market.
Leveraging our vast global research experience, we efficiently planned and executed most tasks in-house, thanks to our dedicated international team.

When field expertise was essential, we tapped into our partner network, extending our reach to conduct user research in more than 30 countries.

Top-down approach and combination of techniques

To tackle the challenge of delivering concise, prioritized recommendations, we crafted a tailored research plan, blending various techniques.

Our process kicked off with a wide-ranging exploration, employing quantitative methods. We fused data analysis from the three websites with a True Intent survey, reaching out to over 1200 users during their actual visits. This unveiled the primary motivations behind website visits and pinpointed pain points that irked visitors the most.

Building on these insights, we delved deeper into the critical aspects of the experience using a range of methods. Finally, we conducted expert reviews and user testing on the three sites, unveiling the underlying issues and crafting effective solutions.

The results

Here at Teacup Lab, we firmly believe in the power of thorough research. We're convinced that well-executed research doesn't just uncover insights; it also presents tangible solutions, even for the trickiest challenges.

Our methodology is simple yet effective: we follow a top-down research approach, from the global perspective down to the specific details. At each stage, we deploy the right techniques.
This approach allowed us to hand SEAT a meticulously prioritized list of strategic actions for their website, rooted in both our expertise and real data.

True intent studies
User tests
Expert UX revision
Spain, Germany and UK 
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