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Improving the usability of the ifeel mental health platform.

How we researched the user experience on a wellness and emotional support platform.

The goal

iFeel, a mental health platform, invited us to embark on a comprehensive research endeavor to better understand various aspects of user interaction and perception. Their objectives encompassed a holistic view of the user journey. Among many other things they sought to uncover the triggers that prompt users to utilize their service, gaining insights into what motivates them and identifying potential barriers. Additionally, they aimed to gauge users' grasp of the service itself, delving into their understanding of specific features and roles.

The methodology

To address the research questions established in collaboration with ifeel, we proposed conducting a user test.

This user test was divided into two segments:

  1. An initial interview aimed at understanding user motivations and their predisposition towards using the platform. We also delved into their perceptions of emotional well-being and mental health.
  2. The second segment consisted of various tasks designed to gauge how users interacted with and understood the platform. This test was carried out in a simulated environment, allowing us to identify potential usage barriers and gather valuable feedback.


After identifying key research areas, we determined the attributes our participants should possess. In collaboration with ifeel, we profiled both current and potential users.

The sessions were held remotely, facilitating the inclusion of participants from diverse geographical locations. Additionally, the ifeel team was able to monitor each session in real-time

The results

After finishing the sessions, we dove into the data from the interviews, always with our research goals and questions in mind.

We uncovered answers to key questions:

  • What draws users to the platform?
  • Do they grasp the info ifeel provides when they first jump in?
  • How do they view the different tools and features ifeel offers?

With this knowledge, we got a clearer picture of how users interact with and feel about the service. This clarity helped the ifeel team shape a plan that really hits the mark for their users' needs. By putting this plan into action, ifeel has rolled out improvements that enhance the overall user experience, boosting their connection to the service.

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