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Redefining Employee Experience at KLM with Design Sprint

How we helped the Dutch airline generate new ideas to improve its internal processes using Google's Design Sprint methodology.

The goal

The Dutch airline, KLM, aimed to streamline its internal operations to benefit its employees. Their goal was to find fresh approaches to enhance the current methods used to gauge employee satisfaction.

To achieve this, it was essential to gather insights from a diverse group of employees. This group encompassed individuals who frequently interact with these tools, representing various roles, from the flight crew to technicians and administrative staff.

The methodology

Confronted with KLM's needs, TeaCup Lab crafted a tailor-made Design Sprint.

Originally conceived by Google Ventures, this method addresses design challenges within a concise 5-day window. Though the Google Design Sprint was primarily developed for startups, its flexibility makes it suitable for diverse company structures. Startups, being nimble and adaptive, can easily incorporate and act on the outcomes of a Design Sprint.

Yet, its advantages aren't limited to startups alone. Larger organizations, like KLM, can also harness its potential.

A dedicated team of six professionals from five distinct departments collaborated intensively over a shortened 4-day period. Their workspace was strategically located at the Amsterdam-Schiphol airport offices. Guided by our Google Sprint Master, Stefano Serafinelli, the team diligently navigated each phase of the Design Sprint.

The results

Leveraging tools like "How Might We", "Art Museum", and an abundance of Post-It Notes, every team member actively engaged in the process. Their diverse backgrounds didn't hinder their contributions; instead, they brought varied perspectives to understand the challenge and brainstorm solutions.

In a span of just 4 days, the KLM team successfully conceptualized, crafted, and tested not only a novel feedback collection tool for employees but also a comprehensive system to process and utilize the feedback. The ultimate goal? Enhancing satisfaction for all company employees.

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