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Shining a light on Spain's job market for BOLD

Discover how we assisted BOLD in gaining profound insights into the Spanish employment market, all through remote in-depth interviews and comprehensive desk research.

The goal

BOLD offers a wide array of products, tools, and support to empower both job seekers and recruiters throughout their job/candidate search journey. With a presence in the USA and an international reach, they are dedicated to fostering success on a global scale.

In this study, BOLD aimed to gain a deep understanding of the Spanish job market, with a particular emphasis on exploring: job searching habits and motivations, and behaviors around career development. This research specifically targeted profiles likely to benefit from BOLD's current services.

The methodology

At TeaCup Lab, we conducted in-depth interviews with two distinct user groups: individuals actively seeking employment and HR professionals. Our goal was to gain insights from both perspectives and uncover any challenges and opportunities in the job search and recruitment processes.

To support our findings from these interviews, we also conducted thorough desk research on the job market. This research covered areas such as legal aspects, demographics, and the primary difficulties candidates face when job hunting, as well as the challenges HR professionals encounter when searching for suitable candidates.

We opted for remote interviews with users, largely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remarkably, even amidst these challenging circumstances, we successfully achieved our project goals and met deadlines. Additionally, we complemented our findings with official state data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the employment market.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis significantly impacted various aspects of life, including employment opportunities. Nevertheless, our research team recognized the unique nature of this moment and primarily centered on data, behaviors, and perceptions before the crisis. We also explored potential future trends in employment.

The results

Screenshot of Miro board for the BOLD research prject

The report delved into five key areas:

  • The Employment Landscape in Spain: We took a deep dive into the prevailing job types, salary ranges, educational standards, career growth prospects, and the unemployment rate.
  • Employment Trends: We assessed contract types, job shifts, industry dynamics, competitiveness levels, and turnover rates in the job market.
  • The Experience of Unemployment: We grasped the kinds of support available, perceptions of unemployment, and its impact on individuals' lives.
  • Job Search Strategies: We examined the most common channels, search tactics, best practices, and processes for job hunting, including documentation requirements.
  • Resources for Job Seekers: We explored how resumes and related documentation are crafted, the tools and platforms used, and the types of information and assistance sought during the job search process.

As a result, we obtained a full perspective of the job market in Spain, highlighting the specificities of the job search compared to other countries.

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