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What brands deliver the best mobile experience?

Google and the British consultancy, cxpartners, relied on TeaCup Lab to conduct the Spanish segment of a vast international study. 460 websites from 15 different countries were reviewed to determine which brands from the Travel, Finance, and Retail sectors offered the best mobile experience to their customers.


We employed 60 best practices (or heuristics) specifically designed to assess the usability of mobile websites. These heuristics were derived from a usability study led by Jenny Gove for Google in 2014. After implementing them in a mobile UX report in 2016, Google adapted the approach in 2017 for specific sectors, such as retail, travel, and finance.

An appropriate user journey was provided to understand the purpose and context of a user's website use. The heuristics covered the complete usage scenario of the user from findability of content, to product pages and checkout. Specific mobile design best practices have also been included.

Additionally, the web speed was measured using Google Lighthouse, which assesses various factors like "First meaningful paint" and "Estimated Input Latency".
70% of the total score was based on specific usability heuristic principles, and 30% on the site's speed. Brands were selected based on SimilarWeb data and had to meet specific criteria, such as being B2C and allowing online transactions. Some popular brands were excluded if they did not meet these requirements.

The outcome

Fnac, Amazon, and eBay ranked the highest in the retail vertical, meeting over 70% of the best practices for their sector.

In the finance sector, Linea Directa stood out from its competitors with a score of 89%, surpassing ING and Banco Sabadell, both at 76%.

Lastly, Booking provided the best mobile experience among Travel brands with an 88% score, ahead of Kayak (84%) and Escapada Rural (81%).

The complete results for the Spanish market can be accessed in the report that Google released on its Think with Google page, accompanied by some examples from the reviewed brands. The report is till available at this link

Beyond ranking the reviewed mobile websites, we compiled 45 individual reports, each tailored to one of the brands. These reports included a detailed analysis of the mobile website experience and recommendations on fixing the most significant issues identified.

We also took part in creating a new set of best practices. Regrettably, we are unable to share these, but they were crafted in collaboration with the other 14 agencies participating in the study.

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