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At TeaCup Lab, we are specialists in research and testing with users, product design and Design Sprints.

User Research

We help you get to know your consumers and their needs better, so that you can create simple and satisfying experiences for them. At TeaCup Lab, we apply the most appropriate research techniques to your projects in order to obtain clear and actionable answers.

  • Online Surveys
  • True Intent Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Persona Design
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree Testing

UX Evaluation & testing

We have helped dozens of global brands identify UX problems in their products and correct them. Our team uses the most appropriate techniques for each case, from expert UX review to comprehensive UX audits.

  • Usability Testing
  • Expert UX Reviews
  • UX Audits

Product Design & Innovation

We support companies during the design of products and services using Design Thinking methodologies and creative innovation workshops. Our methodology helps us keep the end user at the center of the design process, reducing risk in decision making.

  • Design Sprint
  • UX Consulting
  • Design Workshops

Discover our philosophy when it comes to designing and carrying out projects.

We know what's important for startups. That's why we've adapted our work methodology to offer more flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

In our offices in Madrid we have a laboratory prepared for all types of research projects with users and innovation workshops.

Our work

Our team of UX researchers has been involved in +200 research projects for brands from all over the world. We share some of our work and industry studies.

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