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1-day Research Labs

Our 1-day Research Labs are results-driven workshop sthat tackle a critical business challenge by setting measurable goals and obtaining direct feedback from customers.

Since 2020, we've been collaborating with Google and experience design consultancy, cxpartners, helping companies increase their mobile conversion through 1-day research projects, called Mobile Labs.

Now, we apply the same methodology for all digitals products and adapt it to the specificity of each project.
Research Labs merge User Testing and Design Thinking in a single-day session to create an actionable plan with prioritized recommendations aimed at improving products and boosting conversion rates.

Why run a 1-day Research Lab?

An agile approach to User Research

Whether you're a newcomer to User Research or a seasoned expert, our 1-day lab gets you results quick and easy.

Eye-opening insights

Research Labs reveal crucial information about your customers' needs, motivations, and barriers that analytics data can't capture.

Cost-efficient solution

Get actionable insights by researching with a small user group in just one day, whether in-person or remotely.

From insights to product strategy

Research Labs allow you to quickly translate research findings into a clear product strategy, collaboratively shaped and understood by your team.

1-day labs have proven their effectiveness. Over 100 brands who engaged in Mobile Labs worldwide saw an average conversion rate boost of 20%. More details on this and how Mobile Labs can elevate your business are available in the Conversion 2021 conference video

Trusted by leaders of all sectors

What it is like to run a 1-day research lab with TeaCup Lab?

How Research Labs work at TeaCup Lab:

  1. Your team defines the goal for the Research Lab.
  2. Our researchers design and conduct five tests with potential users of your product.
  3. Together, we observe the sessions and compile notes.
  4. We host a workshop to prioritize the research findings.
  5. We brainstorm solutions to address identified issues.
  6. Together, we craft a detailed action plan to enhance your conversion rates.
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In-person and remote research

We can readily adapt to the requirements of your project, offering both remote testing and in-person evaluations in our state-of-the-art testing facilities.

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Global research

Thanks to our multicultural team, an extensive network of partners, and years of experience conducting research for Fortune 500 companies, we have the capability to execute and manage complex studies on a global scale.

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More ways of translating findings into action

We assist in translating research insights into strategic actions, elevating your products and services. 
By seamlessly melding user research with UX design within agile frameworks, we enable you to make insightful decisions and pioneer innovative concepts.
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TeaCup Lab is a user experience consultancy agency founded in Madrid in 2016. We specialize in User Research & User testing for global brands.
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