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Design Sprint Masters trained and certified by Google.
We are experts in moderating and managing flexible innovation processes using the Design Sprint methodology

What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprint is a process where team members collaborate to address questions vital to your business.

During the workshop, your team will employ Design Thinking techniques to brainstorm new ideas and validate them with actual users. This approach helps cut down development time and minimizes decision-making risks.

The Design Sprint is versatile, fitting companies of all sizes and multidisciplinary teams. At TeaCup Lab, we've optimized the process to a 4-day Design Sprint instead of the traditional 5-day model, allowing for even greater flexibility tailored to each team's timeline.

Originally developed by Google Ventures, the Design Sprint methodology is embraced by startups like Uber, Slack, Pocket, and Nest to enhance their products and boost profitability.

Why you should run a Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is primarily a design process. Yet, it also serves as a methodology that enables you to make decisions with reduced risk and heightened flexibility within your organization. Google crafted this approach to address various needs and objectives

Reducing risks in decision-making
Design Sprints allow for testing ideas before significant investments, preventing costly missteps and ensuring alignment with user needs.
Solving design challenges related to your product
Dive deep into product challenges, brainstorm, and iterate rapidly to find user-centric solutions in a short timeframe.
Generating fresh ideas for your business
Design Sprints foster creativity by combining diverse perspectives in a structured environment, leading to innovative solutions.
Implementing a versatile design method
The techniques and mindset from Design Sprints can be integrated into regular processes, encouraging continuous innovation.
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Design Sprints unite cross-functional teams, enriching the ideation process and promoting collective ownership.
Accelerated Learning
Rapid prototyping and testing in Design Sprints quickly reveal the potential of concepts, ensuring resources are spent on the most promising ideas.

Why choose TeaCup Lab?

  • We are Design Sprint Masters, trained and certified by the Google Design Sprint Academy in Mountain View.
  • We've facilitated Design Sprints for over 60 companies, ranging from startups to major corporations like KLM, BBVA, and Vueling.
  • We've showcased and taught the methodology at numerous Google events throughout Europe.
  • With years of experience, we've worked on digital products for clients across various industries.
  • We are 100% dedicated to your project
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