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Ethnography and user diaries

Unlock deep insights with Ethnography by immersing in users' worlds. Capture real-time experiences through user diaries.

What ethnographies and user diaries are

Ethnographic Study, or Ethnography, works to understand design problems completely, from the root or main reason, so that the best solution can be designed.
This is achieved by understanding and interacting with the user from their natural environment. They are observed and engaged with in the activities they are carrying out, often complementing them with interviews.

User diaries are a way of doing ethnography where participants document their activities, feelings, and thoughts over a specified period. This method allows researchers to gain insights into users' real-world experiences, habits, and challenges in their natural environment. Often facilitated through physical diaries, digital platforms, or mobile apps, user diaries can provide rich, longitudinal data, highlighting patterns and pain points that might not emerge in more traditional, one-off research sessions

When to use them

Ethnographic studies are typically used for the following purposes:

  • In the initial phases of a project, to gain an early understanding of the audience, processes, objectives, and contextual usage relevant to the project.
  • When it's necessary to investigate highly complex design scenarios.
  • To evaluate specific aspects of existing products and services.

Try to imagine for a second that your company wants to introduce a mobile payment solution in a region where such technologies are not yet widespread. Instead of blindly launching, you engage in ethnographic research.

Observing users in their natural setting, you find that while they are hesitant about online transactions, they frequently use local 'trusted shops' for bill payments.
Leveraging this insight, you collaborate with these local shops as 'trust points' for your service. This unique approach dramatically improves user adoption, as they now see your solution as an extension of a system they already trust.

What it is like to do etnography with TeaCup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design the research and choose the most appropriate ways of observing the user's experience according to your key questions
  • Conduct the research and handle all research logistics
  • We'll analyze what we find and provide you with a comprehensive overview of your target users and their needs
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Discovery and research: what else can we do?

We understand the importance of user research in building successful products.
By mastering multiple research techniques, we guide you answering key strategic questions: Who are my target users and what do they need? What are my users' expectations from the product? How can we best fulfill these user requirements? What should I improve of my product and how?

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