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Focus groups

Discover the power of collective insights with Focus Groups. Engage directly, spark dynamic discussions, and unveil the perspectives that drive your audience.

What Focus Groups are.

Focus groups are a qualitative method often used to gather and assess the opinions, feelings, and attitudes of a group of participants.

Their strength stems from the group dynamics that emerge. Thus, meticulous participant recruitment and an expert moderator are crucial for success. These elements ensure participants feel at ease, enabling them to offer invaluable insights about the product or service being discussed

When to run a Focus group

We recommend carrying out focus groups in the phases prior to a design for:

  • Understanding processes and decision factors
  • Exploring needs through feelings
  • Exploring brand/product/service perception
  • Exploring Usage Cases
  • Getting to know the user’s opinion about certain topics

Let’s think about a specific scenario. Imagine you have a product idea: an advanced, all-in-one smart home hub designed to centralize and simplify the control of various smart devices, such as lights, thermostats, security cameras, and entertainment systems, in a user's home. However, you're not sure if it's worth investing time and money: before proceeding you would like to understand the pain points homeowners have with existing devices. Is there a niche your product could cover?

This is the perfect moment to conduct a focus group and invite both homeowners with experience in smart home devices and those who are new to the technology. During these sessions, participants can discuss their experiences, frustrations, and challenges with setting up and using smart devices, managing multiple apps, and ensuring compatibility between different brands and ecosystems.

Armed with these insights, you can create a solution that doesn't replicate the same mistakes; instead, it builds upon them

What it is like to run a focus group with TeaCup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design the focus group according to your key questions.
  • Recruit the right participants and ensure they're compensated.
  • We can conduct the focus group in our lab or online.
  • If you want to watch in real-time, we have both a streaming option and an observation room.
  • If language is a barrier, we'll provide an interpreter.
  • We'll analyze what we find and give you a detailed report containing the answers to your research questions.
  • You'll also receive video recordings of the sessions.
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