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Tap into broad insights with Online Surveys: a fast, efficient tool to gauge user feedback and preferences from a vast audience, wherever they are.

What Online Surveys are.

Online surveys are a prevalent method for collecting quantitative data. 

They offer flexibility in question types and efficiently gather vast amounts of data quickly, often at a reduced cost. Given their capacity to handle large samples and produce statistically significant data — which can be compared to other surveys — they play a crucial role in making business-relevant decisions

When to use them

Imagine you are planning to launch an online platform that connects consumers with artisanal food producers.
Your platform will allow users to purchase high-quality, locally sourced food products directly from small-scale producers.

Now you would like to have some quantitative data to know more about your market sizing and the shopping habits of your potential clients.

It would help you precisely determine the size of your target market and understand the exact shopping habits and preferences of potential customers, such as: do your potential clients value quick delivery options or as long as the food's quality is high they can sacrifice convenience?

As you're interested in quantitative data because you want to have a clear understanding of the market size, a survey is a perfect idea for you. It will provide you with structured and measurable insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions in shaping your platform.

What it is like to conduct an online survey with TeaCup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design the survey according to your key questions
  • Provide the necessary tools and handle the setup.
  • Recruit the right participants and ensure they're compensated.
  • Monitor the fieldwork phase and eliminate low-quality answers.
  • We'll analyze what we find and give you a detailed report containing the answers to your research questions.
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We understand the importance of user research in building successful products. By mastering multiple research techniques, we guide you answering key strategic questions: Who are my target users and what do they need? What are my users' expectations from the product? How can we best fulfill these user requirements? What should I improve of my product and how?
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