Google Design Sprint 2.0

Design Sprint Masters trained and certified by Google.

We are experts in moderating and managing flexible innovation processes using the Design Sprint methodology.

What is a google design sprint?

Design Sprint is a process where your team members work together to find answers to questions critical to your business. 

During the workshop, your team will use Design Thinking techniques to generate new ideas and validate them with real users. In this way, you will reduce your development times and minimize the risks in decision making. 

The Design Sprint adapts to companies of all sizes and multidisciplinary teams. At TeaCup Lab, we work on a version of the Design Sprint of 4 days instead of 5, which allows us to be even more flexible and adapt to the development times of each team. 

The Design Sprint methodology was developed by Google Ventures and is used by startups such as Uber, Slack, Pocket and Nests to improve their products and make their business more profitable.

Do you want to know more about how it works? We have written an article in our blog with all the details.

why you should run a design sprint

A Design Sprint is mainly a design process. But it’s also a methodology that will allow you to make decisions with less risk and in a more flexible way within your organization. Google developed this methodology for a number of different needs and objectives:

You want to reduce the risks in decision making

You want to solve a design problem related to your product

You want to generate new ideas for your business

You want to implement a flexible design method within your processes

why with us

  • We are Design Sprint Masters, trained and certified by the Google Design Sprint Academy in Mountain View.
  • We have provided Design Sprints for more than 60 companies, from startups to large companies such as KLM, BBVA and Vueling
  • We have presented and taught the methodology at numerous Google events across Europe
  • We have years of experience working on digital products for customers in all industries
  • We are 100% dedicated to your project

We've been sprinting for

KLM is an example that large companies can also successfully adopt Design Sprint into their processes.

The Dutch airline KLM aimed to improve the experience of its employees. By conducting a flexible innovation process, such as Design Sprint, it managed to devise solutions to improve some of its internal processes.

The participation of multidisciplinary profiles and different departments made the creative process richer and more open. At the same time, the possibility of testing the prototypes with real users reduced the risk when making decisions.

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