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We’ve worked with numerous startups around the world, and we know that the needs and work processes of these companies are completely different from those of traditional companies. Therefore, we have adapted our work methodology to offer more flexible solutions adapted to startups.

The right methods to help you move forward

At TeaCup Lab, we understand that for startups being able to work with flexible processes, in short periods of time and with limited resources, is of vital importance.

We also know that that startups frequently have difficulties understanding their users and, therefore, make mistakes in setting out their products and designs.

All of this has led us to adapt our way of working in order to better adjust to the startup environment and help them in the definition, design and testing of their projects. By using major tools of ideation and research we can provide comprehensive and clarifying results in a short time.

Usability testing

Design Sprints

Experts UX reviews

User research

Why working with us?

The TeaCup Lab team has worked extensively with entrepreneurial ecosystem companies around the world. We are Design Sprint Masters trained and certified by Google and have conducted Design Sprints with over 60 companies of all types.

We have been UX mentors for Google in various events and organizations, such as the Web Summit, Startup Reykjavík and the BeHeroes initiative in Milan.

We are UX and product design mentors in Google’s Launchpads

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