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True intent studies

Measure your users' desires, behaviors, and hurdles in real time when they explore your website or mobile app.

What exactly is a true intent study?

Simply put, they're an excellent way to truly understand your users. With True Intent studies, you'll uncover:

  • User behavior: the tasks or goals they aim to achieve.
  • Challenges they face during their visit.
  • Webpage issues that might impede their goals.
  • The overall experience of visitors.
  • Demographic insights about your site's audience, and more.

The open-ended question format ensures that you collect data which structured, more controlled tests might overlook.

True Intent surveys allow visitors to report about their experience right after their visit.

When to run a true intent study

Imagine you are committed to continuously refining the user experience on your e-commerce website.

To better prioritize the areas that need improvement, you seek robust data on the challenges your users face while browsing your site.
You also aim to determine if the changes you've made to the interface have genuinely enhanced your customers' experiences or if their priorities have shifted over time.

For this purpose, you decide to establish a continuous measurement system, with True Intent playing a pivotal role.
You implement a True Intent survey on your site, targeting 10% of your visitors. This survey inquires about their reasons for visiting, whether they found what they were seeking, and any challenges they encountered.

Month after month, you can chart a detailed trajectory of your site's UX performance and pinpoint aspects that require deeper qualitative research

What it is like to run a True Intent study with TeaCup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design the survey based on your key questions.
  • Provide the necessary tools and handle the setup.
  • Supply you with a simple js code to implement on each page of your website, which will launch the survey.
  • Monitor the fieldwork phase and eliminate low-quality answers.
  • We'll analyze what we find and give you a detailed report containing the answers to your research questions
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