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User Personas

Design with audience in mind by creating user personas

What exactly are user personas?

They're fictional yet realistic description of a typical user, crafted from insights gathered through user research.

By harnessing the power of Personas, we not only identify common user types for our product but also delve into their characteristics, needs, and goals. These insights guide us during the design and development phases.

While a Persona doesn't represent a specific user but rather a group of users with shared traits, we assign each of them a fictional identity. This way, our development and design teams can have a tangible example of who their ideal user is and empathize with their needs.
An example of user persona

When to create User Personas

Let's think for a moment that you're developing a financial app aimed at helping users save money.

However, what makes it difficult is that you don’t exactly know the needs of your target audience and the design you came up with so far is based only on your team’s intuition. You want to make sure your design team is working always thingking on your user’s needs and expectations first. That’s when user personas become extremely useful.

Through an extensive market research, we analyze common threads and create fictional characters that shine a light on your users' needs: among others 'Frequent Traveler Tina,' who saves for her trips, and 'New Parent Paul,' saving for his child's future.

By keeping these personas in mind, your design team creates features like 'vacation saving goals' and 'child education plans.' When you launch, you find users praising how the app feels 'tailored to their needs' — a testament to how well your personas captured the varied needs of your target audience.

What is the process of creating user personas with Teacup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design and conduct interviews with people matching your target customers
  • We'll also recruit and compensate the participants, so you don't have to take care of it
  • Analyze the results and deliver detailed user personas together with a brief report summarizing the main findings of our research
  • Typically, we also deliver a customer experience map to illustrate your target user's journey
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Discovery and research: what else can we do?

We understand the importance of user research in building successful products.
By mastering multiple research techniques, we guide you answering key strategic questions: Who are my target users and what do they need? What are my users' expectations from the product? How can we best fulfill these user requirements? What should I improve of my product and how?

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