User Research

We research your users to help you understand their needs and behavior in order to design better experiences for them.

What we do

At TeaCup Lab, we are specialists in UX Research. Depending on the needs of your project or company, we design a customized research process using the techniques and tools that best suit your objectives. The techniques we use involve the active participation of real users, which adds great value to the research as we get insights directly from your consumers. Here are some of the research techniques that we use most in our day-to-day.

Understand what your customers think through this quantitative technique. Thanks to statistically significant data, you will be able to make decisions with reduced risk.

This technique allows us to ask users about their real experience with a website. Thanks to it, we can know what they are looking for, if they’ve been able to find it and what problems they’ve had.

Through this technique, you will be able to understand the opinions, decision factors, needs and attitudes of your customers. It’s a group session from which we obtain qualitative data that helps us better understand users.

Interviews allow us to go deeper into the experiences, opinions and perceptions of your company or a specific product or service.

This technique is used to discover design and usability problems from the root. To do this, we observe and analyze the behavior of your users in a real context.

We identify typical user profiles for your product so that you can use information about their needs, goals and frustrations as a reference during the design process.

Through a Card Sorting exercise, you will be able to understand the mental model of your users and create an intuitive organization of the contents for your website.

We use tree testing with users to analyze the structure of your website, understand browsing flow and the ease with which they find content.

By creating a map of your customers’ experience with your service, we can identify the most relevant improvement opportunities during the process and improve their satisfaction.

Discover our philosophy when it comes to designing and carrying out projects.

We know what's important for startups. That's why we've adapted our work methodology to offer more flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

In our offices in Madrid we have a laboratory prepared for all types of research projects with users and innovation workshops.


Global Reach

At TeaCup Lab, we’ve worked with companies and startups from all over the world.

Thanks to our work methodology and the network of local partners that we’ve established, we can easily adapt to the particularities of each industry and each country and ensure the same quality in each location.

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