Card sorting


What they are

Card Sorting is a user research technique, mainly quantitative, that helps us undertand the mental models of the users. This will contribute to to design or improve the information architecture, workflow, menu structures and navigation routes of a website.

It consists of presenting the participants with different elements (for example, the contents of our website) and asking them to organize them in the most logical way for them.

By combining the responses of several participants, we’ll be able to detect common patterns that will help us organize the information we want to present to them.

A dendogram is a way of showing visually how participants would group a set of items

When to use them

Card Sorting is mainly used in the early stages of a redesign for:

  • Getting information that helps us create our information architecture
  • Validating ideas for content organization before moving on to the successive phases of design

Our services include

  • Designing the study
  • Recruiting and incentivizing participants
  • Configuration of the testing device
  • Analyzing, reporting and presenting the results
  • Recommendations for improvement and/or definition of a new information architecture


Powerpoint report including quantitative data and our analysis.

Optionally, a definition of the information architecture based on the data collected.


Study timescales depend on the number and profile of participants involved.

The preparation times of content architecture based on the data collected depends on the complexity of the project.

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