Etnographic studies


What they are

Ethnographic Study, or Ethnography, works to understand design problems completely, from the root or main reason, so that the best solution can be designed.

This is achieved by understanding and interacting with the user from their natural environment. They are observed and engaged with in the activities they are carrying out, often complementing them with interviews.

When to use them

  • In the initial phases of the project, to develop an early understanding of the audience, process, objectives and context of relevant uses
  • When it’s necessary to investigate very complex design cases
  • To evaluate certain aspects of existing products and services

Our services include

  • Designing the study
  • Recruiting and incentivizing participants
  • Analyzing, reporting and presenting the results


Powerpoint report including data collected during sessions and our analysis.


Timescales depend on the unique characteristics of each project.

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