In-depth Interviews


What they are

The in-depth interview is a fundamental research method for direct contact with participants. It serves to tell first-hand personal experiences, opinions, attitudes and perceptions of the participant.

Interviews can be structured -and follow a script of questions- or relatively unstructured, allowing for flexible detours in a conversational format. However, even in unstructured interviews, the researcher generally has a number of guiding topics that he or she hopes to address in the session.

We conduct interviews in person at our facilities, or, if necessary, remotely.

When to use them

  • Before designing, in order to generate information that encourages the creation of Persona, Journey Maps and other necessary tools.
  • When looking for insights of what users think of any site, application, product or process.
  • To understand what’s important to users, and what ideas for improvement they have.
  • To enrich contextual research studies with user perception.
  • After usability testing to collect responses and perceptions related to observed behaviors.

Our services include

  • Designing the study
  • Recruiting and incentivizing participants
  • Use of our facilities HD
  • Streaming the sessions (if required)
  • Simultaneous translation (if required)
  • Analyzing, reporting and presenting the results


Powerpoint report including data collected during sessions and our analysis.

Session recordings (if necessary in several languages).


Generally 2-3 weeks from kick-off to delivery of results.

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