Personas Design

What they are

A Persona is a fictitious, yet realistic, description of a typical user that is constructed using information obtained through research with users.

Through the use of Personas we can, not only identify the most common user typologies for our product, but also describe their characteristics, needs and objectives, and take them into account during the design and development phase of a product.

Although a Persona does not refer to a particular user, but rather to a group of users who share certain characteristics, a fictitious identity is assigned to each of them so that the development and design teams can have a specific example of who their ideal user is and empathize with their needs.

When to use them

In the initial phases of a design, to obtain user archetypes that will guide us through all phases of the process.

Our services include

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Design and presentation of Persona profiles


Detailed cards of each Persona, containing their characteristics, needs, difficulties and objectives.


Timescales depend on the unique characteristics of each project and the information previously available.

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