True intent studies


What they are

A True Intent study consists of asking users of a web or app about their experience with a web or app immediately after a real visit.

It’s an effective method to understand who they are, what they are looking for and how the users of a webpage behave.

It helps to discover:

  • User behavior: what tasks or goals they are trying to achieve;
  • Difficulties they may have during their visit;
  • Webpage failures that may prevent the user from complying with what’s desired;
  • The general experience of visitors;
  • And also, data such as demographic information of people who visit the site, among others.

An open-ended question format is used, which helps to collect data that would probably not have been discovered with a more structured or controlled test.

True Intent study in SEAT website

When to use them

True Intent studies are very effective when we want to go beyond purely quantitative data and find the motivations that lead them to navigate a certain way in an interface.

They’re used above all in the phases prior to a redesign process, to obtain valuable information about the needs and difficulties of our users, or in a website already launched, to discover opportunities for improvement.

Our services include

  • Designing the study
  • Recruiting and incentivizing participants
  • Configuring the survey tool
  • Monitoring of the field phase
  • Analyzing, reporting and presenting the results


Powerpoint report including survey data filtered by user profile and our analysis.


The timing of the study depends on the number of participants desired and, consequently, the traffic of the web analyzed. A typical study can take from 3 to 6 weeks from the kick-off to the delivery of the results.

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