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Through user testing, we validate your design or product concept with your target audience, identifying areas that need improvement and providing precise recommendations to fix the issues found.
We will help you get deep understanding of your target audience's behaviors, preferences, and pain points related to your products.

Gain valuable insights into users behaviour

By conducting user testing, you can gain first-hand insights into your target audience's website interaction, identifying behavior patterns, pain points, and preferences to inform your design decisions.

Enhance your users' experience

Through user testing, you can identify usability issues and address them, resulting in a website that caters to your users' needs and expectations. This leads to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved business outcomes.

Save time and cut costs

User testing enables you to detect potential issues early on in the design process, preventing them from becoming costly problems. By making changes early on, you can save time and money, avoiding expensive redesigns or fixes later on.

Stay ahead of the competition

Investing in user testing can help you create a website that offers an exceptional user experience, boosting customer loyalty and enhancing brand reputation, ultimately giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Trusted by leaders of all sectors

What can you expect when running user testing with TeaCup Lab?

When we work with you:

  • We'll connect with your team to understand your product and your objectives.
  • Design the study according to your key questions
  • Recruit the right participants and ensure they're compensated.
  • We can conduct the test in our lab or online.
  • If you want to watch in real-time, we have both a streaming option and an observation room.
  • If language is a barrier, we'll provide an interpreter.
  • We'll analyze what we find and give you clear recommendations to address any issues.
  • You'll also receive video recordings of the sessions.
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In-person and remote research

We can readily adapt to the requirements of your project, offering both remote testing and in-person evaluations in our state-of-the-art testing facilities.

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Global research

Thanks to our multicultural team, an extensive network of partners, and years of experience conducting research for Fortune 500 companies, we have the capability to execute and manage complex studies on a global scale.

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Driving web excellence. Our International UX audit for SEAT

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State of the art facilities

More ways of testing and optimizing your product

Testing and optimization are key to creating exceptional user experiences.
We provide thorough testing to find where changes can make a difference and help your products be successful.
Our experienced UX researchers offer clear insights, both qualitative and quantitative, and recommendations to help you continually improve your experiences.

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TeaCup Lab is a user experience consultancy agency founded in Madrid in 2016. We specialize in User Research & User testing for global brands.
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