Expert UX reviews

What they are

A UX expert review is a complete evaluation of your digital product conducted by a consultant with expertise in usability and user research.

Expert UX reviews are done to detect usability problems and areas of improvement in the interface. Based on knowledge of best practices and user interface principles, the site is evaluated and a series of actionable results are suggested.

Our reviews are based on good practices derived from thousands of hours spent testing and observing real users.

When to use them

Expert evaluations are a valid substitute for user tests when you need results in a short time and when your budget is limited.

An expert review is also usually carried out before a usability test to detect and solve the most relevant problems, before fine-tuning the analysis with the users.

Our services include

  • Analyze the interface
  • Produce the report and present the results


Powerpoint report with the positive aspects, including those to be improved from the interface. It includes examples and best practices from competitors and companies from other industries, as well as specific recommendations to correct the detected inaccuracies.


The timing of the review depends on the amount of information to be reviewed.

A standard expert review can be conducted in less than 2 weeks.

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