User Testing & Usability

We are a leading agency for user testing in Spain and Worldwide. Our team has conducted more than 200 studies for major brands on all kinds of devices.

User Testing

Usability testing experts

At TeaCup Lab, we design and execute usability tests for numerous companies in all industries. We can perform user tests on all devices, in any language and for any type of product remotely or in-person. 

We manage and execute all phases of a user testing study:

  • Analyze your product or need
  • Design the research strategy and methodology
  • Recruit study participants
  • Execute and moderate the study
  • Analyze the data
  • Produce a report with proposals for improvement

Remote user testing

In Teacup Lab we have years of experience testing and researching in remote mode with the most appropriate tools for each project.

Therefore, in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are delivering user research projects worldwide with complete normality.


Prior to a big redesign of their website, SEAT was interested in identifying the improvements with the highest impact on the experience of the users of the web for Spain, UK and Germany both for PC and mobile devices

That’s why they asked us to design and execute the most adequate plan for evaluating the user experience and also to elaborate a specific improvement strategy.


Global Reach

At TeaCup Lab, we’ve worked with companies and startups from all over the world.

Thanks to our work methodology and the network of local partners that we’ve established, we can easily adapt to the particularities of each industry and each country and ensure the same quality in each location.

State-of-the-art facilities

In our offices in Madrid we have a laboratory prepared for all types of research projects with users and innovation workshops.

  • Setup adapted to each project
  • Observation Room
  • HD Streaming and Recordings
  • Simultaneous Translation
Imagen de un fonendoscopio

Usability testing for the healthcare sector

At TeaCup Lab we have been running usability tests for global companies in the healthcare sector such as Sanitas, Janssen and Johnson & Johnson.

From websites for physicians, to medical devices or medicinal products leaflets, we are experts in evaluating the usability of our clients’ products to ensure a safe and satisfactory user experience.

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