UX audits

What they are

A UX audit is an overall review of the user experience of a service or product. It’s performed by combining various analysis techniques, such as surveys and questionnaires, expert reviews and usability testing.

When to use them

Sometimes a single technique is not enough to conduct a thorough analysis of our users’ experience. Complex experiences, often developed offline and online on different devices, require tailored research plans to ensure that we obtain the answers we are looking for.

A full audit is also recommended when the UX of our product or service has never been analysed in depth and we have little or no information on what aspects may be problematic. For these cases, the combination of different techniques allows us both to have a global view of the customer experience and to focus on the most relevant improvement opportunities.

Our services include

  • Select the most appropriate techniques
  • Design and execution of all planned analysis activities
  • Presentation of results and proposed solutions for the problems detected.


The deliverables of a UX Audit vary depending on the characteristics of each project.


Deadlines are subject to the unique characteristics of each project and the information previously available.  

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