User Research

Know your users. Create better experiences.

We design and execute your user research plan, choosing the right techniques for your goals and delivering clear, detailed and actionable results.

Whether you are investigating new business opportunities or improving an existing product, User Research will help you understand your users and make confident design decisions.

User Research experts: we have designed and performed 200+  projects with thousands of participants for global brands from all sectors across all devices.


User Research studies


Of users observed.


  • Product analysis
  • Research plan design
  • Participants recruitment
  • Study execution
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Solution Design

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End-to-end User Research

The right technique for each phase of your project.


User research can provide a deep understanding of your users and their needs.
Find out how they interact with your product -if you already have one- or discover new product opportunities.


Insights from User Research inform UX Design decisions and help your team move forward when you get stuck.


Minimize risks by validating your products with real customers.
Discover what works and what doesn’t before launching it.

User Research Techniques

  • Usability testing (lab-based or remote)
  • Eye-tracking
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Online Surveys
  • True Intent Studies
  • Benchmarks and competitive analysis
  • Diary Studies
  • Focus Groups
  • Co-Creation
  • Card Sorting
  • Tree testing

Software and tools

Tobii Pro, Userzoom, Optimal Workshop, Morae,, Loop11,

Lab Facilities

Our state-of-the-art lab facilities come fully equipped for international testing.

Sala de observación para clientes del laboratorio UXde TeaCup Lab
  • Desktop and Mobile testing ready.
  • Focus groups and Design Workshops room.
  • Observation room with one-way mirror for up to 8 observers
  • Simultaneous translation for international testing.
  • Live HD streaming with multiple views.
  • A/V recording.

We are also able to run studies in all mayor Spanish cities thanks to our extensive network of partners.