UX and Product Strategy

Place your users at the center of the design process.

We make UX part of your business strategy.
By relying on actionable user research and lean design thinking techniques we create a long-standing competitive advantage for your business and products.

A few examples of what we do:

  • investigate your target users needs to discover innovation and value creation opportunities for your business.
  • help your team define successful products and services that people want to use.
  • train UX-minded people. We provide your team with tools and tactics to create great user-centered experiences.
  • design a lean UX plan for your company.
  • define meaningful metrics to measure success and user’s feedback.

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How do we shape your product strategy?

User Research

We help you take informed decisions analyzing our real users’ behavior and needs.

Whether you want to explore new business opportunities or investigate an already existing products, TeaCup Lab provide you with actionable data by putting your users at the center of the design process

Design Sprints

Boost your development cycle with Google’s Design Sprints.

We help you innovate like a startup with a 5-days workshop by the hand of Sprint Masters trained and certified by the Google Design Sprint Master Academy in Mountain view.